Master Padel Tour Barcelona.

Is everything pointed to the second edition of the Barcelona Master Padel Tour where he has reached the milestone of 335 couples who enjoy this event Laietà EC of 30 October to 8 November. It will be a week where you can enjoy the best amateur paddle in a tournament that has 10 categories, four male, three female and three mixed. The Master is the culmination of a circuit, the Barcelona Padel Tour, which held its second edition with a total of eight tournaments, culminating with a great success. This circuit is designed for amateur players engrossed in a similar experience to paddle felt by professional players and the truth is that has been achieved since now, Barcelona is the Amateur Tour Padel Circuit Padel leader in Barcelona. In total, Barcelona have enjoyed Padel Tour 3,600 participants and 5,000 parties have disputed those who have enjoyed the more than 50,000 attending tournaments. The circuit held its third edition in 2016, becoming one of the circuits of amateur paddle with greater fidelity of participants, which has a high satisfaction clubs, and in just two seasons has become the benchmark for innovation to follow


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