The internationalization of the paddle

In the struggle that keeps the paddle from the beginning internationalization is very much one of its most historic names. Gaby Reca, who was an apostle of the sport on his arrival in Spain - "first played at the Club de Campo in 1995. It was a big stage but then two or three professional tournaments a year are made," remember-, now dedicated to take it beyond our borders as a player and coach.
In the first mission just play the Dubai Open, one of the most important tournaments of the World Paddle internationalization? Tour. In the second working to introduce the paddle in Monaco, another scene of great importance for the international resonance of what happens there. There trains players and coaches form attests that the tournament "here to stay, as it is already established its continuity".
"The idea of ​​Dubai and Monte Carlo is not so much that the tournaments are filled in the first year as they have continuity," he says. "The public was there coming over time.? In the early days not so much but in the end itself. Also in? Dubai was played on a Amir complex and there was no free entry, but the other was quite public. "
"As before in Spain, explain the sport"
The importance of continuity because "the paddle grows fast" and in some ways the international expansion of paddle repeated issues when the sport came to Spain in the 90: "You also have to explain a little sport when you start at each site say that is halfway between tennis and squash. But now we have a great tool that is the Internet. Now everyone can see how the paddle and how to play and that makes things easier. "
Gaby is optimistic that the paddle to become a global sport that remains is only time: "People come, and a high level tennis player Johansson recently. Right now in Sweden there are 90 tracks. The paddle engages much. "? The example was that? Spain's economic crisis has slowed the growth of paddle. "In the years of the crisis more tracks that were never built."
Gaby and her companion Seba Nerone occupied the world number one before Juan Martin Diaz and Fernando Belasteguin began a domain that has lasted for more than a decade, until last year dissolved their duet. Now it is not only the memory of paddle, but one of those working to establish its future.
90 tracks there are today in Sweden


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