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No shows yellow, nor shout 'out', but it is essential for any tournament of this caliber enjoy the tranquility of doing things right. Under regulations established. Since this morning - the match begins at 10:30 with some major shocks First - Ramirez Nayra the Referee shall ensure that all parties comply with the rules. Ramirez explains told SUR that judges are paddle beyond to help arbitrate. "We have several functions, both players receive, take care of the pairings and times tables, and once the competition starts, the rules are met."

The keys 'Guti' for the provincial championship which begins today paddle
The best of Malaga paddle cited in Padlock
You will be responsible for the five tracks, which clarifies that you can not see every game, and seeking help when there is a moot point: "Do I have to do every game. We are alone and I have to control everything. However, if I call the track if I go to solve. Normally within track there is usually no big problems. A player has taken high. Peak or off-peak ... nothing more. "

One of the fun facts that the Referee was revealed that paddle, are the players who arbitrate shocks. That is, when such a corner is bad, the manager to express whether it is good or not the athlete that remains the serve himself: "If we can not see what happens at a point to be on another track, we are very concerned to or next service point. "

It clarifies that having so many duels charge is impossible to stay to display a single match. Also, if a physiotherapist is needed, or there is a serious injury within them must also be present: "In this type of provincial tournaments usually a single arbitrator. In other higher level if there umpires sometimes. "

On the other hand, Nayra Ramirez Club is part of chaplaincy Alhaurin de la Torre, who was hosting the World Championship suspended. In exclusive statements to south, that the coming weekend, 14 and 15 November, a friendly tournament for players that foreigners who had already taken hold tickets for Malaga. At least, this way, the city claims to have a meeting paddle internationally, but remain far from the importance that had been to host a World Championship.


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