Communication in a game of paddle tennis

A key for a pair of paddle work perfectly on track is good communication aspects between the two members that form. And one of the most contentious points in this communication is when one has to say something you do not like or convinces his partner. These situations are very common and normal, so it is essential to know how to give constructive criticism so that everything runs smoothly.

We have already spoken on other occasions of the importance of choosing well our partner paddle to form a good team and above all feel comfortable and at ease on the track with someone who is one hundred percent pervades us. But even if we find our "padelera half", as in all relationships, team work, etc. they can always arise moments of tension and friction between them that we must talk about the right way to solve.

Reviews generally have a negative connotation. Nobody likes to be criticized for what he does, even when self realizes that things have not done too well, is not tasteful that you remember.

But we must try to escape this negative connotation of criticism and assume they are comments that can help us realize many things about the way we act, in this case, paddle tennis, addressing the parties, training, etc. and improve learning from the mistakes that others have seen and we do not.

Although eye, knowing assume and accept criticism is as important as knowing how to perform them. Constructive criticism also depends on the personality of each person, his way of reacting to certain situations and your thinking. Still, it's very important to know how to make constructive criticism, courage, that really help our partner to improve and put the batteries in what we see is looser.

It's very easy in a moment of anger, when a match is lost eg escape us things like, "are you a package", "it is that you're not seeing" or "is that you do not know anybody "among other gems that they are accompanied by shouts and gestures of discomfort and do the full.

Really such comments only serve to make your partner angry or sag more if you have a bad day and still not hit. And usually, they will desconcentrarán you the game itself and begin to fail also.

As in everything, in the paddle we often have best and worst gusts. If we are to play a game after a bad day it may cost us more focus and do not we play well, if we're in a tournament can stress take hold of us at some time and burden not help us to be the kings of the track.

Sometimes we choose not to tell our compilation that ultimately gives no we do not know how it's going to take or simply because we prefer the issue and sulk. Let's start from the premise that in order for things to work you must speak what disturbs us, it bothers us, etc.

The first is that as we said before hot not due to being angry criticism because it is much more complicated than get constructive criticism. If we see that our paddle compilation at some point need to give you a hint, hopefully to be alone together in a quiet and relaxed atmosphere, and then talk.


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