So a shovel paddle is made

Each passing, is a common element in Spanish homes. The paddle blade has become an object of the house the more than 3 million people are estimated to practice this sport in our country. An unstoppable growth that has placed this sport tool in one of the most popular in the country. But how is it done and what are the steps to manufacture it? What it is actually done? Where are they?

Most of the paddle blades that are on the tracks come from Asia. There is the great manufacturing center of the world, although it is in our country and in much of South America where they are used in a majority. In Spain about 627,000 blades are sold each year, of which 35-40 percent are manufactured in our country.

It takes nearly two weeks to have a shovel ready and manufacturing process takes two hours total. In the same kick in 50-70 different elements, from the EVA-the heart of the shovel to paint or grip that gives the finish. A completely handmade process and, in most, almost 100 100 Spanish.

"In StarVie, for example, the only element that is part of our blades is not from Spain is the 'grip' (the protector of the handle). The rest of the blade is a fully national product ', recognized Jorge Gomez de la Vega, CEO of StarVie.

Its factory is one of the most important in our country and it came out in 2015. A 14,000 blades 30 percent more than the previous year and far fewer than they will in 2016. Because the paddle is a growing sport in expansion every day and, after football, is already the second most practiced in Spain.

"One of the secrets of good shovel is tubular," says Alberto Mancho Cebrian, project manager StarVie. "Therefore, every ten or 15 blade, cut a check for the whole process is good," he says. It is their quality control. Which ensures that the blade hit the athlete guarantee.

The manufacturing process is complex and, in some of its steps, secret. It marks the stylebook of each manufacturer, as are the small details that make the difference between a shovel and another. In Spain, production is completely manual, which is what stands out from the blades coming from the Asian market. If you're still curious to know exactly where it comes from and how the blade with which you enjoy every week of the trendy sport it is manufactured in Spain


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