How to choose your shoes paddle ?

As with the purchase of a paddle blade that several aspects to consider, the same applies when you decide to buy a shoe paddle. In addition, good choice of paddle your shoes is so important that avoid unnecessary injuries or play tennis, and even injury or falls pains.

These are the 10 keys to choose your shoes and paddle not die trying:

1. The sneakers are not paddle tennis shoes or running.

One of the first things to consider is that although you do running with sneakers paddle must also play a game of paddle with some running shoes or tennis. They are not equal. Instead, they are rather different. The material of the tracks is not the same, or movements, or the wear of the sole.

2nd. The shoes should be comfortable paddle.

Comfort as in any sport is essential that it is guaranteed in the case of paddle and slippers are the most important element to achieve. In the paddle usual change of pace, sudden braking or slipping. Typically, the foot is secured inside the shoe, it does not move to prevent scratches or wounds.

3rd. The shoes must have the right size.

When you buy a shoe to play paddle sure they have the right size, not a number or a number less. Because otherwise you will be injured and will not play with the comfort you need.

4th. The shoes have to have some dampening system.

It is common, more and more, which makes shoes manufactured paddle damping systems built to facilitate the movements of our body when we bend down to pick up a paddle ball or when we urge for an auction. Many shoes collections 2015 come with a system like gel or air chambers.

5th. The sole of the shoe can be spike, omni or mixed.

When you start in this sport do not look at the shoes paddle can have three different soles, but the truth is that there are three variations and each serves a different function, so it is important to note. The omni-soled shoes are best suited for artificial grass flooring, the spike have a better grip and mixed combining both drawings are becoming fashionable and facilitate gripping and displacement.

6. Offers paddle tennis shoes.

Price is another factor to consider when choosing your shoes paddle. If you're a professional player and have clear brand you want to cover your feet then it is best to look among the slippers of high-end and that the price is not varied much. If you prefer to start with a cheaper slippers it is best to seek offers from online retailers slippers paddle.

7. The materials of the shoes.

Ideally, the shoes are made of leather, it is true that much shoe paddle is made of synthetic materials and is sufficient for many players.

8. The shoes should be breathable and waterproof.

Typically foot sweat during the match and during training. Therefore it is important that the heat output has foot through the shoe. Hence the material aspect of the above, also affects this. The material should be breathable. If you play well closed paddle tennis is also important that your shoes are waterproof.

9th. The strength and durability of the footwear paddle.

A good investment is guaranteed when the product life is prolonged in time. In the case of a shoe paddle it is important that the inside of the shoe and sole resistant. In other words, better than slippers paddle you last longer and do not break in a couple of games.

10th. The shoes should be fixed to the ground.

The stability or binding capacity of the shoe to the ground is the last aspect that we will discuss. It is important to have reinforced heel and instep to have good cohesion between foot and shoe


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