Licenses multiply and paddle tennis loses followers

The paddle is fashionable. Despite being a new sport She introduced officially in 1988, and is the most practiced seventh in Spain. Sporting licenses have soared in recent days and begins to perceive in the circuit, populated by players from our country. The court seems to be the biggest casualty. The ease and complexity of one another, cause an increasingly apparent rotation.

Miguel Medina, president of the Spanish Federation of Padel, Star Digital has served to analyze this new phenomenon. It considers that the rapid development of the sport is that "brings together many qualities: easy to learn, fun, social, not expensive, abundant facilities and for those who really want to compete, as demanding as any other." In total, regardless of the federation, there are half people who enjoy the fun paddle as two million or two million.

As his practice, the number of licenses has doubled in five years (2009-2014), and has grown from 26,000 to 56,106 enrolled. Still no 2015 data are known, but is expected to remain good inertia. Or at least I see Medina: "We think so. Evidenced by the increasing number of participants every day tournaments are targeted. "

This sport creates excitement among men and women almost equally. 35% of athletic participation at the professional level is feminine, which Medina described as "important".. "When we say that practices whole family is true, no one is left out" With age something similar happens Fringe dominating licenses is veteran (over 39 years), but all have a remarkable performance.

Catalonia is the autonomous region where more licenses were recorded in 2015, with 12,167. Behind are Madrid, with 7,018, and the Valencia Community, with 5,527.

Tennis decline

Tennis, however, loses followers professionals. The high economic cost and the difficult practice have led to pass 110,000 licenses in 2009 to "only" 85,000 in 2014. Medina, however, does not want to link the rise of the descent of one another: "I do not think there it is so obvious a choice. The paddle is a new sport that attracts people, and as a result athletes who play sports can be passed to paddle ".

Medina admits that tennis has a problem "within himself". "It is so technically demanding that requires a lot of dedication before reaching a good level and that, that makes it so beautiful, it can mean an additional difficulty."

The official ranking of the World Paddle Tour immersed four Spaniards among the ten best in the world: Matias Diaz, Francisco Navarro, Juan Mieres and Juan Martin Diaz. And in the Top 100, (and Argentine) Spanish domain is evident. Miguel Medina believes that in the future the weight of the paddle will be felt in Spain, "as it should be. The level of new generations has hiked by demanding professional competition ".
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