Closing for paddle (PPT 2011) consisting of: 8 pillars 4 meters high made of glass, 10 + 10 tempered and laminated, 4 pillars 100x80.3 pCerramiento prepared to paddle (PPT 2011) composed of 12 pillars 4 height made of glass, 10 + 10 tempered and laminated, 4 pillars 100x80.3 prepared to integrate lighting 12 freestanding frames made of uprights 80x40x2, double stiffening mesh with mesh Plate and finished with zinc primer Plaforization + lacquer baked (1000h)

  • Game moon float and tempered 10mm thick 10 1995mm x 2995mm cloths and 4 1995mm x 1995mm cloths
  • Artificial turf 12mm, 100% polypropylene prefibrilado straight hair in color, resistant to UV rays (ISO R 105 / VI, Part 4) textured on support primary and secondary poliporpileno thermosetting latex coating with water outlet 4mm in diameter each 10x10cm. Total stitches 42000m2.
  • Network game approved in 45mm mesh with cotton-polyester tape
  • Quartz sand. Uniform distribution over 200 m2 (3TN sand)
  • Trucking leaving from Malaga.
  • Installing tempered glass structure and paddle to form


Lighting system composed of four staffs attached to the structure, defined with the same treatment and finishing this, formed by tubes 80x80.2.mm6m high, with spreaders for accommodation for 2 projectors 400W AM.

Set of two doors with sheet with the same ending as the track.

Set of cans to form network exit door without central post and one post for holding the same


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